What “ARC 2” means?

Adjustable Rifle Chassis Gen.2

Who are Automatic, LLC?

We are Ukrainian brand, engineering and manufacturing chassis and accessories for precision shooting in Ukraine. Our employers are experienced shooters and share passion for precision and long range rifle shooting!

What are the main features and benefits of ARC 2 chassis?

– Very strong and sturdy chassis for utmost accuracy

– Stock folding on the bolt handle for compactness and comfort

– No additional action bedding required

– Fully adjustable buttstock: cheek height and position, length of pull, height and angle of recoil pad

– Plenty of M-Lok interfaces for customizing and adding accessories

What’s its intended use?

Our ARC 2 chassis is designed for precision and long range shooting with extreme accuracy. It will be a
right choice for both PRS competition and LE/Mil tasks.

What’s it made from?

Our material of choice for ARC 2 chassis is high quality CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminum. Also we use titanium, delrin and polyurethane parts.

What exactly parts are made from titanium?

We use titanium hard stressed parts like folding stock lock pin, folding stock rotation shaft, folding stock
release button and also mag release and adjustable butt plate.

Is it necessary to do a glass bedding job in Automatic ARC 2 chassis for best accuracy?

No, it is not! ARC 2 inlet shape has a unique design that doesn’t need any extra bedding. We have a lot
of information from our customers, who achieved accuracy results in 0.3 MOA and less.

Is it compatible with aftermarket triggers?

Yes! Our trigger guard has special design that makes it possible to use any types of aftermarket triggers.
Even some Timney Triggers and TriggerTech models with straight and long trigger shoes.

Is it compatible with aftermarket barrels/recoil lugs?

Yes, fully compatible, up to bull barrel profile.

What are the specs for stock screws torquing when installing the chassis on a rifle?

Please take a look at the User Manual for Automatic ARC 2

For what rifles ARC 2 chassis’ are made?

ARC 2 model is already available for Remington 700 Short Action, Savage 110 Short Action, Savage 110
Long Actions. In a near future it will be also available for Tikka T3X Short Action, Remington 700 Long
Action, Tikka T3X Long Action, Howa 1500 SA etc.

What chassis colors are available?

You can choose from two colors: black or FDE (flat dark earth).

What paint do you use for coating ARC 2 chassis?

It’s not paint, powder coating or anything alike. We use our own hard anodizing process accordance to
Mil-Spec coating standard (MIL-A-8625 (Type III: Hard Anodic Coatings).

What accessories do you have?

Already available are Automatic ARCA Rail for ARC-2 chassis, NV hood mount and a couple of more
products that we designed are in testing right now.

What is the warranty period?

Warranty time on all stocks and accessories is 3 years, but even after this period you can be sure of our
customer support!

“Coming soon” — what does it mean? Product is not available?

Product is under construction/testing or already in production. You can pre-order it from dealer in your

How I can buy it or make a pre-order?

You can buy it from our dealers in your region. For purchase, shipping or if you need help to find a
dealer in your region please feel free to contact our managers by email: export@sporting.com.ua